My daughter liked the bananas I gave her last week but she LOVED the apples I gave her this week.  I'm amazed at how quickly she is adapting to eating solids.  If there was any doubt in my mind that she was ready to start solids, those have been alleviated.  She has even started grabbing the spoon and directing toward her mouth and she is spitting out a lot less.  Apples have been the easiet baby food so far as I simply purchased a jar of organic applesauce from the Whole Foods store.  If you choose to buy the premade applesauce just be sure to check the ingredients because the only ingredients should be apples and possibly water.  Read up on why apples are an excellent food for your growing baby here.  If you prefer to make your own apples/applesauce here's how:
1.  Core and slice apples.
2. Steam, boil, or bake apples to soften them.
3. Mash or puree softened apples, adding water for desired consistency.
4. Freeze the puree in tablespoon servings for later use.

I gave my daughter the applesauce plain the first day.  The second, I mixed it in with her rice cereal to add a little thickness (and iron).  I warmed the mix for 10 seconds.  It doesn't really get any easier than that!  Apples are very versatile and can be mixed with lots of other foods for interesting new tastes.  Some of the foods that are good for mixing with apples include:

  • Rice or other cereals
  • Bananas
  • Avocado
  • Pears
  • Carrots
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Summer Squash

    I ordered a simple, mechanical steamer (I'd been wanting one to prepare veggies and rice for my husband and I anyway) and it arrived yesterday.  I'm planning on starting vegetables on Friday (likely sweet potatoes and or squash.)  These veggies require a little more work than the fruits I've been giving her so far so it could get interesting... stay tuned.

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