I saw this online somewhere and thought it was a cute idea.  
1. Cut the letters D-A-D (hint: you can use the same D twice ;)) out of a clean piece of cardboard.
2. Hand each letter to your child and take pictures of him/her holding/mouthing/dropping/etc. the letters.  Its fun to see what they do with them.
3.  Once you have your pics choose your favorites and print out three pictures two with D's and one A to spell out DAD.
4. Pick up a frame with three openings and insert the D-A-D pics.
5. Voila!  Instant, adorable Father's Day Gift.  This will be perfect for my husband's desk at work.  
Here are some pics from my project (I have edited out my daughter's face but her expressions are priceless!)  Have fun with this one!

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